UBI is not socialism, it’s a capitalist’s dream.

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My friend Mike is a Republican. He believes in Pro-Life, Gun Rights, and a strong economy.

He is a small business owner who permanently closed his restaurant because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

And he supports Universal Basic Income.

UBI is typically viewed as a Democrat policy when in reality, there are Republicans like Mike who support UBI.

1. Republicans hate disincentivizing work.

Who doesn’t want night vision?

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Using the bathroom in the middle of the night sucks. You leave the warmth and comfort of your bed. You have to squint as you turn on the blinding bathroom light. You tiptoe across the cold tile. After you do your business and wash your hands, you turn off the light.

You’re left in darkness.

Walking to the bathroom was no problem with your dilated pupils granting you vision in the darkness. But after a minute of bright light, you’re blind in the dark… or are you?

Before you turn on the bathroom light, close one eye. When you turn…

And it’s not even holiday season yet.

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COVID-19 is Extremely Deadly

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A true story on the path to enlightenment.

Too many disillusioned developers are chained in an echo chamber. But some of them broke free. They were enlightened with a better way to indent code. They used tabs.

A single tab is always one level of indentation. You can’t agree on how many spaces to indent with. Some of you use 4, some use 2, and far too many of you use 3. 3 spaces came from Satan himself.

The space developers fought among themselves about how many spaces they should use, but stood united with a fierce hate against tabs. “Spaces are more consistent,” they chanted.

If everyone…

I am a Senior Design Verification Engineer at Arm and this is how much I make.

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Before We Dive In

I work in Austin, TX, where the median household income is $55,216. Despite Texas placing #9 on this list of cheapest states, Austin has a relatively high cost of living compared to the rest of the U.S. A single bedroom apartment averages $1,186, compared to $930 in the US.

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The right to vote is a cornerstone in democracy, but it has some serious flaws.

Democrats and Republicans agree that to be a responsible citizen, voting is more important than paying taxes. Our right and responsibility to vote is so deeply ingrained in us that we rarely question the importance of our vote. I wish I could say our voting process is just imperfect. In reality, it’s a completely broken system that hurts the people it aims to serve.

1. Gerrymandering

Gerrymandering is best explained with this simple graphic, which shows how a political party with more supporters can still lose with unfair boundaries. Both political parties are guilty of this but Republicans better at it than…

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Because I need to learn how to use this editor if I’m going to write.

A large picture at the top seems pretty common. It’s worth noting you can put an image above your title. You can easily search for one on Unsplash using Medium’s built-in search feature!

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Traditional 401(k)

  • Contribute pre-tax
  • Withdrawals are taxed
  • Contribute up to $19,500 per year, $26,000 for workers over 50
  • Employer match
  • Fewer options for mutual funds
  • Must start withdrawing at 70½

Roth 401(k)

  • Contribute post-tax
  • Tax free growth
  • Growth and withdrawals are not taxed
  • Same contribution limit as Traditional 401(k)
  • Employer match
  • Can only participate if offered by employer
  • Can be rolled over into a Roth IRA

Roth IRA

  • Contribute post-tax
  • Tax free growth
  • More investing options
  • No required minimum distributions (RMDs)
  • Contribute up to $6,000 per year, $7,000 for workers over 50
  • Income limit of $139,000 for individual filers or $206,000 for married couples filing jointly

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